• A grove of fruit trees can mean better food for the family and more income. Help a farmer bloom this year.

  • Support your favorite morning routine and join the cycle by buying Coffee Seedlings for farmers in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

  • Give Cocoa Seedlings and give farmers in Latin America or the Philippines access to the valuable crops that change lives.

  • Give a farmer in the Philippines or Burkina Faso quality tools and training to grow more food to eat and sell.

  • Give farmers in Central America a tool to increase their crop value and raise family income.

  • Give the gift of fruitfulness this year by empowering a farmer to improve her land and make the most of her resources.

  • Give LWR Seeds and help farmers grow more and better crops.

  • Sponsor a Farmer Educator in Africa, Asia or Latin America and bring the gift of knowledge to small-scale farmers.

  • When you Fund a Farming Community, you give three important LWR Gifts: crop storage, a Farmer Educator, and irrigation to Water the Community‚Äôs Fields.