Essential Supplies

  • Cookstove
    Everybody knows going smokeless leads to better health. Give a Smokeless Cookstoves and keep families safe from noxious fumes and reduce time cooking and foraging for firewood.
  • Yesterday a quilt covered a sleeping child in Tanzania. Tomorrow it may comfort an aging grandmother in Serbia. Send Mission Quilts and deliver a tangible symbol of God’s love.

  • Medical Supplies

    From stethoscopes to syringes, your gift will provide the essentials that healthcare workers and their patients can’t do without.

  • Rickshaw
    Rickshaws aren’t just used for transporting people. Help a farmer get crops to market in this efficient and popular mode of transportation.
  • Smartphone for a Farmer Educator
    This tech tool provides a virtual link between farmers and expert Farmer Educators. You’ll help farmers stay up to speed – and succeed – with this important gift.
  • Emergency Water

    Clean water is the most dire need after disaster strikes. Your gift of an Emergency Water Filtration System delivers immediate, potable water, no matter the crisis.

  • Gift of the Month for 12 Months

    Can’t decide? Let us choose what gifts are is needed most. You’ll provide lasting, positive change for families throughout the year — and for many years to come.