• Cow

    Give a Dairy Cow and provide a family with an important asset that will help long into the future.

    A group gift is a fun way to give a gift. When you create a group gift, you get your family, friends, or coworkers to buy it together. You choose a date, the occasion, and who it's for, then get people to join in.
  • Empower a woman and give the gift that keeps on giving independence, sustainability and success.

  • Give the gift of a Piglet today and a woman in need will earn a good price when her little piggy goes to market.

  • Feed a family with the gift of a Goat — not just for one day.

  • Give a farming family in Burkina Faso the gift of a sheep, feed, and basic veterinary care – providing a source of milk and money.

  • Donkey and cart

    Help women in Burkina Faso increase their productivity with a Donkey and Cart and allow them to cover more ground, quicker.