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As COVID-19 attacks our human family, neighbors in the world's most vulnerable places need your love now more than ever. Shop COVID-19 gifts >

  • What does a gift of one goat, three hens and 18 chicks add up to? A milk-and-egg superfood combo to keep families and children healthy and strong.

  • What’s better than a Goat? Two Goats … paired with a Hen and 6 Chicks! Give a barnyard blessing to families struggling to raise up a sustainable source of nourishment.

  • What do you Expect when Someone You've Never Met is Expecting? Here's a gift that provides all the answers and ensures a safe, healthy delivery for mom and baby alike.

  • Put your gift to work against diseases you may never have heard of but are debilitating enough to keep generations in poverty.

  • Land sakes, fertile farmland is hard to come by! Our land-management experts can help a farmer turn dusty soil into a veritable supermarket fruit-and-veggie aisle. Give the gift of knowledge.

  • Provide stability in a time of a family's great sorrow. It's an opportunity sweeter than honey.

  • You can help save lives and prevent suffering when disaster strikes. This is an urgently needed gift.

  • Here's your chance to provide a basic solution that saves lives by installing a handwashing station right when it's needed most.

  • Move to the head of the class with this chance to keep kids in school instead of home, sick. Even Ferris Bueller would approve.

  • With an oink-oink here, and a baa-baa there, here a cluck, there a cluck … This herd of goats, sheep, piglets, and a hen and chicks provides lasting blessings for families.

  • Give life’s essential element! Quench a family’s thirst, help keep them safe from waterborne diseases and save them from long, often dangerous trips to fetch water.

  • Bring a lasting source of water to a farming family in even the most arid and challenging environments.