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  • Water Harvesting Pits (covering 1/2 acre)

    Growing crops in dry places takes creative solutions. Give farmers the tools and training they need to use this special method of digging trenches to capture water and nourish crops.

  • Gift of the Month for 12 Months

    Can’t decide? Let us choose what gifts are is needed most. You’ll provide lasting, positive change for families throughout the year — and for many years to come.

  • Sponsor a Farmer Educator
    Teachers are worth their weight in maize and beans. Sponsor a Farmer Educator and bring the gift of knowledge to small-scale farmers.
  • Water for a Community's Fields

    Water flow makes the crops grow. You can help an entire community bring water to their fields with an irrigation system.

  • Crop Storage

    Your gift allows farmers to safely store their crops and sell them when market demand is high.

  • Farming Community
    Fund a Farming Community and provide three valuable gifts: Crop Storage, access to a Farmer Educator and an Irrigation System. The result: more crops and better prices for producers.