All Gifts

  • Farming Tool Set
    You can do anything with the right tool. Your gift of a Farming Tool Set gives farmers quality tools and training to grow more food to eat and sell.
  • Cocoa Dryer
    A properly dried cocoa bean is a quality cocoa bean (and one that sells for a good price!). Give farmers a tool to increase their crop value and family income.
  • Rickshaw
    Rickshaws aren’t just used for transporting people. Help a farmer get crops to market in this efficient and popular mode of transportation.
  • Smartphone for a Farmer Educator
    This tech tool provides a virtual link between farmers and expert Farmer Educators. You’ll help farmers stay up to speed – and succeed – with this important gift.
  • Emergency Water

    Clean water is the most dire need after disaster strikes. Your gift of an Emergency Water Filtration System delivers immediate, potable water, no matter the crisis.

  • A Cocoa Dryer + Cocoa Seedlings
    What’s not to love about chocolate? Especially when the sweet treat helps farmers lift themselves out of poverty. This cocoa combo gives farmers the opportunity to raise crop value and income.
  • Lasting Source of Milk & Eggs

    What does a gift of one goat, three hens and 18 chicks add up to? A milk-and-egg superfood combo to keep families and children healthy and strong.

  • 2 Goats Hen 6 Chicks

    What’s better than a Goat? Two Goats … paired with a Hen and 6 Chicks! Give a barnyard blessing to families struggling to raise up a sustainable source of nourishment.

  • Improve a Farmer’s Land
    Land sakes, fertile farmland is hard to come by! Our land-management experts can help a farmer turn dusty soil into a veritable supermarket fruit-and-veggie aisle. Give the gift of knowledge.
  • With an oink-oink here, and a baa-baa there, here a cluck, there a cluck … This herd of goats, sheep, piglets, and a hen and chicks provides lasting blessings for families.

  • Water System

    Give life’s essential element! Quench a family’s thirst, help keep them safe from waterborne diseases and save them from long, often dangerous trips to fetch water.

  • Irrigation
    Bring a lasting source of water to a farming family in even the most arid and challenging environments.