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  • Give the gift of high-quality Seeds and you’ll help a farmer sprout hardier, more fruitful crops — and watch their families blossom. Turn poverty into plenty!

  • Everybody knows going smokeless leads to better health. Give a Smokeless Cookstoves and keep families safe from noxious fumes and reduce time cooking and foraging for firewood.
  • Yesterday a quilt covered a sleeping child in Tanzania. Tomorrow it may comfort an aging grandmother in Serbia. Send Mission Quilts and deliver a tangible symbol of God’s love.

  • How long do chickens work? Around the cluck! It’s true. Chickens work around the clock to provide eggs that families can eat and sell.

  • Give the gift of Piglets today and smile, knowing that a family in need will have you to thank when their little piggies go to market.

  • We’re Cocoa-nuts about these itty-bitty stalks that sprout into high-value crops helping to lift farm families out of poverty. Send a few shoots!
  • Orange you glad you found this appeeling gift? Your gift helps a farmer start a fruit tree grove that provides nutrition and income.

  • Love coffee? Let the farmer know. Give a farmer a healthy, young coffee tree to help ensure successful crops and a steady source of income.

  • From stethoscopes to syringes, your gift will provide the essentials that healthcare workers and their patients can’t do without.

  • Who wooln’t want to shear, er, share a Sheep with a family in need? They’re a lasting source of nutritious milk as well as wool for warm blankets and sweaters.

  • This gift is a 4-legged superstar. Easy to care for and breed, these livestock VIPs provide farming families with milk, manure and additional income. Goat for it!

  • You can do anything with the right tool. Your gift of a Farming Tool Set gives farmers quality tools and training to grow more food to eat and sell.