All Gifts

  • You can send LWR Mission Quilts and give a tangible symbol of God's love to people in their hour of greatest need.

  • Give the gift of Medical Supplies to patients in Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem.

  • Give a family in Nepal a cleaner, healthier home.

  • A grove of fruit trees can mean better food for the family and more income. Help a farmer bloom this year.

  • Empower a woman and give the gift that keeps on giving independence, sustainability and success.

  • Give the gift of a Piglet today and a woman in need will earn a good price when her little piggy goes to market.

  • Playground Toys

    Give refugee children in Kenya an avenue into their imaginations and an outlet to play out their hopes and dreams.

  • Support your favorite morning routine and join the cycle by buying Coffee Seedlings for farmers in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

  • Give Cocoa Seedlings and give farmers in Latin America or the Philippines access to the valuable crops that change lives.

  • Feed a family with the gift of a Goat — not just for one day.

  • Give a farming family in Burkina Faso the gift of a sheep, feed, and basic veterinary care – providing a source of milk and money.

  • Give a farmer in the Philippines or Burkina Faso quality tools and training to grow more food to eat and sell.